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Increase your efficiency and be more environmentally responsible with RPM Vac Services. We have world-class solutions to all your needs.

What We Do

Vacuum Trucks

From fluid transfers to desanding production tanks, our vacuum trucks do it all.

Combo Vacuum Trucks

Clean up, transport environmental waste, and increase your production uptime.


Protect the environment with our non-destructive yet powerful excavating equipment.

Mobile Steam and Mobile Washing

Safely clean equipment that is too sensitive for chemical cleaning with RPM’s mobile steam trucks

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Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are designed to remove liquids, sludge, slurries, or the like from a location and store it in its tank. RPM’s vacuum trucks help you with,
  • Drilling mud disposal
  • Desanding production tanks
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Fluid transfers
  • Spill cleanups

Combo Vacuum Trucks

Combo vac trucks are large, typically three-axle, trucks that clean or suck up liquids and sludge at an industrial level. Our combo vacuum trucks help you with,
  • Tank cleaning
  • Plant turnaround
  • Non-destructive excavation of buried pipes, lines, and other structures
  • Well pad maintenance
  • Compressor station cleaning
  • Thawing of lines/culverts


Hydro-excavation (hydrovac) is a non-destructive digging process that utilizes pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to remove soil. We offer hydrovac to help you with,
  • Daylighting
  • Trench boxes or shoring boxes
  • Ditching and trenching
  • Rig cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Spill cleanup

Mobile Steam and Mobile Washing

Mobile steaming and mobile washing are ideal options for cleaning equipment that is too sensitive for high-pressure water or chemical cleaning. We also use steam wands to thaw flow lines, wellheads, tank valves and clean up oil spills in the winter. Our team utilizes steam cleaning during production to ensure that you don’t experience significant downtime.

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